What a cracking start we’ve had to the season! Spring 17 indent in the Northern Hemisphere, and Winter 17 in the Southern Hemisphere is in full swing. Feels like seasons ago now, but here are a few snaps to bring you back to the conferences that kick started it all … keep up the great work, and let’s drive this home!

Here at EMU Australia we have been busy birds, traipsing the globe in search of EMU moments with our blogger partners. We’ve received great exposure worldwide and have been leaving our mark wherever we go. Be boundless and embrace the sense of wanderlust.

We took 3 top European bloggers from the UK to Morocco for a 48 hour ever natural adventure. The Pink Fox and The Top Blogger joined us from Germany, and Whitney’s Wonderland from the UK - together they have a following of over 270,000. The trip generated 80+ social media posts.

4 top influencers from the European region joined us in Paphos, Cyprus for a weekend away to create content for blogs and social media featuring EMU Product. EJstyle, Anneli Bush and Camila Carril from the UK and LoveLauren have a combined following of over 300,000 people and created more than 50 unique posts.

More than 500 women bloggers, entrepreneurs and business leaders attended the conference, which is focused on inspiring fellow women to create and grow their businesses and passions.

EMU Australia had a 10x10 booth at the event showcasing our best selling Spring 16 styles. We also collaborated with a local jeweler on a #NaturallyEMU project where they handmade living jewelry out of tiny succulent plants. We garnered some great traction across social media through this event.

EMU Australia had a stall at the launch of the WAYHOME Music Festival. Giving away shoes and gift vouchers to the VIPs who attended the largest music festival in Canada.

200+ music industry influencers and VIP ticket holders attended the event and tagged their favourite Festival Style Shoe, resulting in a huge surge in social media engagement for EMU.

On June 28th, Elyse Knowles and 6 Australian bloggers (Catilyn Paterson, Lisa Clark, Rochelle Fox, Rachel Aust, Rachel Lea, Keira Rumble) will be heading up into Australia’s famous snow fields at Thredbo for a Ski Adventure weekend!

The idea behind this trip is to gather content that will help to highlight Waterproof and Australian Made styles.

Keep an eye out for great content to come!

On the 22nd of April, the UK team united to celebrate Earthday, helping to raise awareness of the daily reality that 1 in 10 women have to endure to gain access to safe water.


At the Australian Conference in June, Team OZ also got behind the cause with a #EMUxWaterAid focus at their conference, building awareness of the cause and our relationship with WaterAid.

EMU has launched our Snapchat Platform (emuaustralia). Snapchat has seen rapid growth in the last 12 months, with users constantly sharing content. It has been a great platform for sharing blogger trips, interacting with consumers and key digital influencers, and is seeing high engagement.

Look out for ‘products of the week’ snaps in the future!

Follow us: emuaustralia

As part of her new partnership with EMU Australia as our brand ambassador, Elyse Knowles has begun posting across her social media channels. Already, we are seeing great results with high engagement on her social posts as well as ours when we repost. Each post is averaging 6,000+ likes per post on Elyse’s channels!

Upcoming Elyse involvement: Thredbo Ski Trip, Fall 17 shoot.

Interrogation begins at 2:30pm 14/07/2016

Hannah sits across from me in the upstairs meeting room at EMU HQ, looking decidedly nervous and uncomfortable. Sitting alone in a room with Glen Harry will do that to a woman. Sadly, a situation I am all too familiar with.

GH: HANNAH is a Palindrome. That’s cool. … OK …

HL: Oh God!

GH: Don’t be worried. It will be fine. It will all be fine.

HL: (Long silent skeptical look)

GH: What does Hannah do at EMU?

HL: I am the Global product designer for EMU. In a two man band with Sam Meredith.


HL: Am I meant to expand further than that?

GH: You can if you like.

HL: The way Sam and I work is that we just split everything down the middle. We are a very Even Stevens kind of team. We brainstorm seasonal colour pallets, seasonal direction, product, details, everything, together. Then divide and conquer. But also cast fresh eyes over each others work constantly. And bounce off each other really well.

GH: Where have you come from? What were you doing before EMU?

HL: I was at country road for nearly 10 years. My post grad studies were in shoes. And I always wanted to use that. But I accidentally fell into apparel. It was incredible to be presented with the opportunity of finally being able to use my studies and fulfill my dream of working with shoes. I’ve also always promised myself that I would only work for Australian companies. So this was a neat little package.

GH: If Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were both drowning, and you only had time to save one of them, what kind of Sandwich would you make?

HL: (Loooong pensive pause) Hmmmm. Peanut Butter, honey, Banana and Sesame Seeds on Gluten free bread. My favourite sandwich.

GH: To which design Guru do you pay homage?

HL: Yoghi Yamamoto. Closely followed by Marni. Closely Followed by MMM.

GH: At what point in your life did you decide to be a designer?

HL: I don’t know how old I was. I was young. I was living in England in the remote northwest midlands. I watched my first David Bowie film clip. And he was wearing these crazy pantaloons and I fell in love with them. And it turns out it was one of Yoghi Yamamoto’s grad pieces. And I started following him from when I was tiny. And he is still my favourite designer today. The recent David bowie exhibitions which showcased the bulk of his designs is one of the favourite days of my life.

GH: Who did you vote for in the recent Australian Federal Election?

HL: ...

GH: Haha! Just kidding. I don't care.

GH: In 3 short 1 word sentences, can you tell me what is coming for Fall 2017?

HL: Earthy-ness. Tactile. Technical.

GH: You have made a move from the Big City ... The Big Smoke ... Down town ... The Big Australian Apple ... to the Surf Coast. How has that transition gone for you?

HL: I love it! I feel more at home near the beach than I do in the city. I already had a community set up when I got to Torquay. This will sound naff, but it decluttered my life and my head. I’m outdoors way more. I only see the people I want to see. And I feel like I can be more creative in an environment like this.

GH: What are your current obsessions? Do they feed into your creativity?

HL: Chasing Waterfalls.

GH: Don’t go chasing waterfalls!

HL: That’s what I sing every time I do it. My friends and I started a waterfall club. It’s so corny. But it’s real. So waterfalls … Yoga … which I do 7-10 times a week. And long distance Bike Riding. And ‘Yes’! anything that makes me happy fuels my creativity.

GH: Do you have any words of wisdom that you would like to share with us? A personal Motto perhaps?

HL: Two heads are better than one.

GH: Thanks, Pallindrome.