Kids / Rain Boots

Waterproof and insulated, our hardwearing kid’s rain boots are lined with Australian Merino wool.  Leather and suede options are available in black, brown, grey, purple and pink.

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Waterproof Booties Designed for Kids

EMU Australia winter boots for children will keep your kids’ feet comfy and cosy all winter long. Our waterproof and water resistant styles are perfect for messy toddlers and kids of all ages. Hard rubber soles will keep their feet protected through slippery city streets and muddy countrysides. The maximum grip and traction are great for energetic kids who love to explore. We offer a range of soft, fur lined rain boots that are perfect for everyday use. Whether they are playing in the rain or just like to make a mess, EMU’s got your kid (and their feet) covered.

Cute Designs Made from Natural Materials

EMU Australia rain boots for children are made of the highest quality natural materials. Selected styles are made from 100% real Australian sheepskin, ideal for those cold winter months. Find waterproof suede booties lined with Merino wool for added protection and comfort. EMU Australia offers a range of versatile colours designed for picky kids. Choose from classic colours like black, tan and grey, or take inspiration from the British countryside with natural hues like green and blue. From playgrounds to forests, EMU rain boots are a must-have for every little one.

The Warmest Boots for Every Occasion

EMU Australia children’s rain boots come in a variety of classic and fun styles that are perfect for all of your favourite activities – rain or shine. Our sheepskin booties are super breathable, meaning they will keep your feet warm in the fall and cool in the spring. EMU Australia’s versatile rain boots for toddlers and kids are designed to withstand all seasons and occasions. Visit a shop near you to find the perfect gift for your little one. In a rush? Order online and get free shipping with your purchase.