Wool Boots & Footwear for Baby 3-24 Months

There’s nothing more important than the comfort of our little ones. The EMU range of sheepskin and wool boots for babies and toddlers features styles and designs for newborns through to toddlers taking their first confident steps.

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Wool Boots for Toddlers & Babies

There’s no question that wool and sheepskin baby boots are some of the most adorable shoes around. The EMU range of boots for babies and toddlers is also the pick of the bunch for comfy, practical footwear for little ones, whether they’re sitting, crawling or taking their first steps.

This collection of baby’s sheepskin and wool boots includes a range of comfy and cosy styles, including soft-soled baby boots, Australian-made lace-up baby shoes, fun and fluffy animal-themed walker boots and more. Naturally insulating, soft and supportive, these baby sheepskin and wool boots will help to keep your little one warm and dry throughout the coldest weather.

For toddlers who like to splash in the rain, check out the range of kid's waterproof boots. If you’re looking for specific designs, you can also find a range of kid’s boot styles for girls or styles for boys.


Baby & Toddler Boots FAQs

How to pick the right boot size for your toddler?

Picking the right size can be as simple as basing it on your baby or toddler’s age. Size 6M is up to 6 months, 12M is 6-12 months, 18M is 12-18 months and 18+M is up to 2 years. This is also a great way to do it if you’re choosing a gift. Alternatively, the right boot size for your toddler can be determined in a similar way to how you might pick your own size, as well as sizes for older kid's boots. Have your toddler stand or sit with their foot flat on a piece of paper or a ruler so you can measure from the heel to the longest toe. Compare this measurement with the EMU size chart for babies so you can find the right fit. If your little one is between sizes, it’s best to opt for the larger size to accommodate their growth and keep their boots comfy for longer.


Are sheepskin and wool boots a good choice for babies?

Sheepskin and wool boots are a great choice for babies for a number of reasons. Firstly, these materials are naturally insulating, providing warmth in cold climates and protection from damp weather. Sheepskin and wool are also easy to clean, making them perfect for lovably messy little ones. In addition, sheepskin and wool are soft, gentle materials, which will help ensure your baby’s sensitive skin and growing feet stay comfortable and snug in their boots. Sheepskin boots also come in a variety of styles and types, from soft-soled baby boots to keep your baby’s feet warm, to rubber-soled toddler rubber-soled toddler boots, perfect for taking their first steps.


Should babies wear boots in winter?

Sheepskin boots are a brilliant choice for keeping babies warm through the winter. Sheepskin and wool provide great warmth and insulation through the cold and damp weather that the winter brings. These materials are also naturally breathable, making sheepskin boots suitable for moving between the cold outside and warmth indoors. Whether your baby gets around in a pram or is busy taking their first steps, suitably sized sheepskin or wool boots will help keep their feet cosy and dry and help them to stay steady on a range of surfaces.