Women's Boots & Footwear

Shop the EMU range for stylish women’s shoes, women’s sheepskin boots, cosy slippers and more. Made with 100% Australian sheepskin, premium Australian leather and a range of other sustainably sourced materials, this women’s footwear range is made for comfort and built to last.


  • Mayberry TRI1

    $69.95 $48.96
    30% Off Selected Styles And Colors
  • Pioneer

    $159.95 $111.96
    30% Off Selected Styles And Colors
  • Valerie

    $179.95 $107.97
    40% Off Selected Styles And Colors
  • Shoreline

    $179.95 $107.97
    40% Off Selected Styles And Colors
  • Okab Hi

    $199.95 $99.97
    50% Off Selected Styles And Colors

Types of women’s footwear

Comfy footwear is one of the most important things in your wardrobe and that’s what EMU women’s footwear is all about. Whether you need a reliable pair of boots to keep the weather out and the warmth in or a cosy pair of slip-ons for the house, the EMU range of women’s footwear has you covered.

Slippers & Moccasins - Low-cut and low fuss, the EMU range of women’s slippers and moccasins are perfect for relaxing at home as well as stepping out into the yard. Whether open-toed, close-toed or luxuriously fluffy flip flop style, this range is built for comfort.

Boots - EMU women’s boots are all manufactured from premium-quality, natural materials, like Australian sheepskin, genuine leather and natural rubber. This makes every boot sturdy, comfortable and ready to take you through your day.

Sheepskin Boots - Comfy and stylish, sheepskin. Despite their incredible softness, the range of women’s sheepskin boots are perfect for inside or out with their water-resistant lining and sturdy sole.

Sneakers & Trainers - Check out this range whether you’re going for sporty, summery or just simply stylish. From comfortable and casual espadrilles to wool wool sneakers built for action, the EMU range of women’s sneakers has it all.


Women’s Footwear FAQs

How should women’s shoes fit?

Women’s shoes should fit snugly on the foot but always be comfortable. Some EMU boots and slippers can feel firm at first but will mould to your feet over time for the perfect fit.


How can I check my shoe size?

There are a few ways you can check your shoe size at home. Firstly, if you have any shoes that already fit you comfortably, you can check the size on those for reference. This should always just be a guide, however, as different brands can vary in size measurements. Alternatively, you can make your own measurement of your shoe size by tracing an outline of your foot on a sheet of paper and measuring a straight line from your heel to your longest toe. You can find more details of how to check your size here.


Why should I buy Australian made women’s footwear?

Whether you’re in Australia or anywhere in the world, buying Australian made footwear is always a good call. Australian fabrics like sheepskin, wool and leather are well-known for their quality and are sold globally.


What’s the best women’s footwear during winter?

Sheepskin footwear is one of the best footwear options for winter. Sheepskin is superbly insulating and provides exceptional warmth, while also being naturally breathable. Often used as the lining of winter boots and shoes, sheepskin is also delightfully soft and comfortable to wear on your feet. Whether you need some sturdy boots to keep you warm outdoors, or cosy slippers for the house, sheepskin footwear is one of the best options around.