Women's Spring/Summer Footwear

The EMU women’s range features a variety of Spring-Summer footwear. Check out our stylish leather sandals, comfy cotton espadrilles and breathable woollen sneakers. Whether you want to bring a splash of colour to your wardrobe or you’re looking to keep it classic, this range has the style you’re after, made with premium-quality materials and built to last.

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Explore Our Spring-Summer Collection for Women

The EMU Australia women’s range is for much more than just the cold weather. With styles ranging from sporty sneakers to leather sandals for a night out, the women’s summer footwear range has a pair for every style and occasion. Best of all, the entire range is made using premium-quality, sustainable materials, so you’ll get to enjoy your slides, shoes and sneakers for longer.

For women’s casual summer shoes, check out the Agonis Organic espadrilles. Made from lightweight cotton, these shoes are breathable and stylish and easily can be dressed up to suit your look. These stylish espadrilles also feature sturdy rubber outsoles, which makes them durable and comfy to wear on a variety of surfaces.

If you’re looking for a sporty pair of casual shoes, check out the Heidelberg sneakers. Made from natural materials like wool and knitted cotton, these shoes are not only better for the environment, but they’re also machine washable, breathable and extremely comfortable whether you’re out and about or comfortable at home.


Women Spring/Summer Shoes FAQs

Can I wear EMU sandals at the beach?

EMU sandals are a comfortable and practical choice for those long summer days at the beach. EMU women's sandals are not only stylish, they’re purpose-made to fit your foot, with soft, contoured insoles that prevent sweating and keep you comfy while walking on a range of surfaces. Sandals are also a great choice for the beach because they’re so easy to clean, which means you can forget about irritating grains of sand through your shoes. With a range of styles to choose from, the EMU range of women’s sandals is the perfect pick for beachwear.


What are the most comfortable women’s sandals?

The entire range of EMU women’s sandals brings together comfort and style. Some of the most comfortable women’s sandals available are those that feature contoured, cushioned inner soles, like the EMU women’s sandals range. These sandals are designed to suit the natural contours of your feet, which gives superior arch support compared to flats. These sandals also feature a soft suede lining on the inner soles, which helps your feet stay free of sweat even in the heat of summer.


Which women’s sneakers are in fashion for summer?

Sneakers are the type of women’s shoes that will always be in fashion during the summer, thanks to their comfort, simple style and versatility. The EMU range features a variety of fashionable sneakers for the summer, whether you’re enjoying warm nights out, or spending your days by the water. This range includes wool sneakers in a variety of colours, perfect for pairing with casual outfits or sportswear. Made with breathable, machine-washable materials and a super soft, supportive insole, the EMU range of wool sneakers will keep you comfy on your feet all day.