Women's Sheepskin Boots

There’s nothing better than a pair of sheepskin boots for keeping the weather out and the warmth in. The EMU range of women’s sheepskin boots includes styles for all seasons from classic, on-trend sheepskin boots to waterproof hiking-style boots and cosy sheepskin slippers.

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  • Aarons Glossy

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  • Platinum Hi Lace

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  • Valerie

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  • Taylor

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  • Okab Hi

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  • Pioneer

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Luxurious women’s sheepskin boots

Whether you’re looking for a stylish pair of boots for everyday wear, or you need something cosy to wear around the house, Australia-made sheepskin boots are the pick of choice. Made from premium-quality sheepskin, they’re comfy, reliable and available in a wide range of styles to suit all occasions.

Sheepskin boots keep the cold out naturally with a water-resistant suede outer layer that is stylish and practical, indoors and out. If you need something to get you through the cold weather sheepskin boots are the perfect companion.

Best of all, the high-quality, sustainable Australian sheepskin used in the range of women’s sheepskin boots is luxuriously comfortable and naturally breathable, making every boot a dream to wear.


Sheepskin Boots FAQs

Are sheepskin boots waterproof?

Sheepskin is a naturally water-resistant material, suitable for very light rain, however it’s not naturally waterproof. You can treat your sheepskin boots with a rain protector spray to give them that extra layer of protection. Check out our care kit that includes a rain & stain protector plus some other elements to help keep your boots in top condition.

For the best waterproof boot option we recommend our waterproof range, made with premium waterproof materials and sheepskin lining. Our waterproof boots often have a thermal rating of -22f / -30c making them the best solution for cold climates and seasons.


What is the difference between sheepskin and wool boots?

Sheepskin and wool have very similar properties and benefits. The premium water-resistant Australian sheepskin used in the manufacturing of our boots is thick, lush and water resistant, leaving you feeling like you're walking on a cloud. The ultimate in quality and comfort. We love wool too, particularly Australian Merino wool, used in a number of our products because it's soft, warm and naturally plush. An entirely natural fibre that insulates, aids breathability, and is odour resistant. Both materials are natural, renewable and biodegradable.


Can you wear sheepskin boots outdoors?

Some Women’s and men's sheepskin boots can be worn outside and can withstand a variety of weather conditions. The suede outer lining of sheepskin boots is naturally water-resistant plus we also design and make a waterproof range, giving you suitable sheepskin boots for a variety of environments and conditions.