Waterproof Boots for Kids

Keep your kids warm and cosy through wet weather with a pair of premium-quality waterproof boots. Whether they’re leaping into puddles or stomping through snow, the EMU waterproof kid’s range is built for the wet, superbly comfortable and stylish.

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Waterproof Boots & Shoes for Kids

Nobody likes sopping wet shoes. The EMU range of waterproof boots and shoes for kids is the best way to help your young ones beat the wet weather blues and get outside, rain, snow or shine, all while keeping warm and dry.

The waterproof kid’s range features a variety of designs, including mini ski boot styles, high suede leather boots and more. Designed for supreme comfort and seriously cold weather, some boots in this range are temperature-rated for as low as -30c / -22f, built completely waterproof and completed with fun prints and colours to suit every kid’s style.

The EMU range of waterproof kid’s boots is also stain-resistant and easy to clean, making them the perfect companion for puddle-stomping, wet weather walking and all kinds of outdoor adventures. With warm wool inner lining and grippy, flexible soles, these kid’s boots are the perfect wet-weather companions for your kids.


Waterproof boots for kids FAQs

Are kid’s waterproof boots suitable for the snow?

EMU’s waterproof boots are a great option for kids to wear in the snow and are just as reliable as the adult range of waterproof footwear. These high-quality waterproof boots keep the wearer’s feet dry and warm in cold climates, making sure they keep your kid’s feet comfortable in the snow. The EMU range of waterproof boots for kids features designs made from natural materials like suede, leather and wool, and from waterproof nylon. Each kid’s snow boot is built to withstand cold conditions, with high-top construction to keep the wearer’s feet and lower legs warm, and temperature-rated for cold weather as low as -30c / -22f.


What makes kid’s shoes waterproof?

The range of kid’s waterproof shoes is carefully designed using high-quality materials to ensure every boot is waterproof without compromising on comfort. The waterproof boots in this range are made from waterproof suede, reinforced with a waterproof membrane to keep the boots dry and looking great through any weather. The seams on the suede uppers are also watertight, along with the binding on the soles and tops of the boots. This helps to ensure all moisture stays on the outside of the boot, even when stepping through deep puddles or snow.


What types of waterproof shoes are best for kids?

The best waterproof shoes for kids are the ones that will reliably keep their feet warm and dry, regardless of the weather. The EMU range features high kid’s boots made from completely waterproof materials, built to withstand cold temperatures and stay dry in snow and puddles alike. This makes the entire range suitable for kids playing outside in wet weather, walking to school, splashing through the garden, or going on adventures outdoors. These boots also feature flexible, comfortable soles that help them to stay steady on wet, uneven surfaces. The EMU range also includes water-resistant boots in styles for girls and styles for boys.