Women's Boots

Shop the EMU range for stylish women’s shoes, women’s sheepskin boots and more. Made with 100% Australian sheepskin, premium Australian leather and a range of other sustainably sourced materials, this women’s footwear range is made for comfort and built to last.

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Discover Our Premium Women's Boots Collection

Whether you’re after cold-weather comfort or you need some waterproof boots to keep the rain and snow out, the EMU range of women’s boots has got you covered. Check out some versatile range of boots like the iconic Australian-made, sheepskin Platinum Stinger Mini, or the plush Blurred for when you hit the streets. This collection features supremely comfortable and long-lasting boots for all seasons and styles, made using natural, sustainable materials.


Why EMU Australia Boots Stand Out

When it comes to comfy boots, nothing beats Australian sheepskin. This sustainable material is naturally water-resistant and strong, which helps to keep your feet warm and dry, while your boots stay in good shape, come rain or shine.

Best of all, the boots in the EMU women’s range are built to last and are crafted with sustainable, natural materials like premium-quality sheepskin, leather and wool. They’re also meticulously crafted, with sturdy stitching and the waterproof range reliably keeps the weather out and the warmth in.


Women Boots FAQs

What makes EMU Australia boots ideal for winter?

The EMU women’s range features a variety of warm, cosy and durable women’s boots for winter. Crafted from naturally insulating materials like sheepskin, wool and leather, this range is designed to keep your feet warm and dry without overheating. Sheepskin is an ideal material for winter boots thanks to its water-resistant outer face and woollen inners, great for keeping moisture out and warmth in. Sheepskin is also naturally durable and resistant to staining, helping your sheepskin boots for women to last through the seasons. For a cosy pair of winter footwear, check out the women’s Platinum Slim Darling with a water-resistant sheepskin construction, flexible rubber soles and double-stitched seams for durability.


Are all women's boots waterproof?

Most of the boots in the EMU women’s range are water-resistant and a selection are waterproof. For a pair of winter boots that can beat back the elements, check out the stylish and luxuriously comfortable Moonta high boots. Crafted from premium-quality Australian sheepskin, these high boots are built to withstand the coldest conditions of winter so you can walk through snow or rain while staying dry and toastie. For everyday footwear that can keep you dry, check out the Grayson Rainboot - a fun ankle boot, with a sheepskin insole, that will mean you’re puddle-ready.


How do I choose the right size boots when ordering online?

The easiest way to pick the right boot size when you’re ordering online is to measure your foot. Just place your foot on a piece of paper on a hard surface against a wall and make a mark on the paper at the end of the longest toe. Measure the length between the edge of the paper and this mark, adding 1-1.5 centimetres to the measurement. You can then compare this measurement with the EMU sizing guide to help you pick out the right size. This will help to ensure a comfortable, snug fit for just about any boot when you order online.


Can I wear sheepskin boots in the rain?

Most of EMU’s sheepskin boots for women are suitable to wear for a short time in light rain thanks to the naturally water-resistant properties of this sustainable material. However, the sheepskin and leather boots in the women's waterproof range can be worn in the rain for longer periods and will reliably keep your feet warm and dry despite the less-than-ideal weather.