Our story is an Ever Natural story.
We are inspired by innovating with sustainable and
natural materials to create quality footwear that lasts.

Sustainability has been at the core of EMU Australia since the very beginning.

At our essence we believe in working with natural materials and not creating or consuming quickly,
instead taking a considered approach.

We believe that creating quality products that last, means that we allow people to make a more sustainable choice
when they invest in their footwear rather than cycling through fast fashion.

The natural wool, sheepskin and leather materials used in our products are part of the Earth's natural cycle -
they do not accumulate in the environment, instead they break down naturally into harmless compounds.

Australian Merino wool is a key material used across our collection, wool fibres biodegrade in just
6 months unlike synthetic fibres which can take up to 40 years to biodegrade.

As our journey continues, so too does our approach to sustainability.


The Problem with Fast Fashion

85% of fast fashion items end up in landfill with the synthetic fibres taking 40 years to biodegrade,
compared to just 6 months for natural fibres.

Our Solution - The Natural Cycle

Producing quality footwear that lasts, made from the very best natural materials and sustainable processes.