Gift Ideas for Kids

Who doesn’t love a cute pair of kid’s boots? If you’re after the perfect birthday or holiday gift for your kids, the EMU range of kid's footwear is the place to look. Featuring waterproof boots for outdoor play, printed suede boots and shoes for all ages, this range has something for every kid.

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  • Barbie™ Wallaby Lo

    $79.95 $55.96
    30% Off Selected Styles And Colors
  • Deer

  • Barbie™ Wallaby Print Lo

    $89.95 $62.96
    30% Off Selected Styles And Colors
  • Pegasus Walker

    $49.95 $39.96
    20% Off Selected Styles And Colors
  • Llama Walker

    $49.95 $39.96
    20% Off Selected Styles And Colors
  • Mauboy

  • Toddle Reflective Dino

    $49.95 $39.96
    20% Off Selected Styles And Colors

Explore Our Kid’s Footwear Range

Anyone with kids knows that shopping for kids' shoes can be a challenge at times. Between getting the right sizes, styles and materials for kids to be kids in, it can be hard to know where to look. With the EMU kid’s range, finding fun, comfortable boots for kids is easy! Explore the huge variety of suede and wool kid's boots, available in a range of colours, sizes and styles and designed for all ages.

For a versatile pair of shoes that your kids between ages 3-12 can enjoy year-round, check out the Wallaby Mini boots. These suede leather and wool boots are naturally water-resistant, cosy and breathable, complete with flexible rubber soles so your kids can play outside and stay warm even during the winter months.

When wet weather prevails, you might need something more sturdy for your kids to wear. Check out EMU’s waterproof kid's range for puddle-splashing boots that you won’t need to clean, dry out or replace every time your kids have fun in the rain.


Gift Ideas for Kids FAQs

What makes wool an ideal material for kids' footwear?

Wool is a fantastic material for kid’s footwear for many reasons, including its natural water resistance, stain resistance, durability and breathable properties. With kid's wool boots made from naturally water-resistant and stain-resistant materials, you can rest easy while your kids do as kids do and play in the mud, rain or snow. You won’t have to worry about drying out shoes and socks after some light rain. What’s more, wool and suede are naturally breathable while effective at keeping some moisture out, which makes it the perfect material for all-season footwear for your kids.


How do I choose the right size of footwear for my child?

Picking the right shoe size for your child is similar to how you might pick your own size. Have your child stand or sit with their foot flat on a piece of paper or a ruler so you can measure from the heel to the longest toe. Compare this measurement with the EMU size chart for kids so you can find the right fit. If your child is between sizes, it’s best to opt for the larger size to accommodate their growth and keep their boots comfy for longer. While a snug fit will help your child to walk, run and play easily, the ideal size should also be flexible and roomy enough for comfort.


What are the best wool footwear options for gifts?

The EMU kid’s range is stacked full of great wool footwear gifts for kids. If you’re looking to gift some playful and cute sheepskin boots, check out some of the many themed kids footwear, like the playful Shark boots, Dear boots and more. These themed boots are wonderful as gifts and are comfortable, cute footware for boys and footware for girls.


How durable are kids' suede and wool boots and slippers?

One of the benefits of getting suede and wool boots and slippers for your kids is that they’re durable, comfortable and long-lasting. This is thanks to the simple, sturdy construction of all wool and suede products in the kid’s footwear range, with its naturally water-resistant suede outside and its super soft, breathable wool inside. The EMU kid's range is not just comfy and fun for kids to wear. It’s also built to last, with high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship at the heart of every shoe. The EMU kids range also includes boots with durable rubber soles, so your kids can go from inside to outside without needing to change their shoes.