Womens / Winter Boots

Ankle boots, chelsea boots and knee-high boots make up our range of iconic women’s winter and snow boots.  Styled in black, brown and grey with metallic and animal print embellishments, and lined with sheepskin and Merino wool for added warmth and comfort.  

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Insulated and Supportive Styles for Women

The key to surviving cold winter weather is a reliable pair of winter boots. EMU Australia snow boots blend fashion with practicality – because your feet shouldn’t have to settle. Our waterproof and water resistant styles are insulated with hard rubber soles for maximum durability and support. We offer a range of sheepskin, wool lined, leather and suede styles that are perfect for everyday use. Whether you’re bracing the snow or staying inside and huddling around the fire, EMU’s got you (and your feet) covered.

Weather Resistant Boots for Every Occasion

EMU Australia snow boots come in a variety of classic styles that are perfect for all of your winter destinations. Whether you live in a cold weather place or just like to travel, winter boots are a must. Our winter shoes are great for keeping your feet warm and snug after skiing, snowboarding and ice skating. Our 100% real and natural sheepskin is breathable, making them a great option for transitioning from indoors to outdoors. Check out our selection of winter booties in stores and online. Visit one of our retailers or order online and get free shipping with your purchase.

Natural Materials and Stylish Designs

EMU Australia winter boots are made of the highest quality natural materials. Selected styles are made from our 100% real and water resistant Australian sheepskin, ideal for those cold winter months. We also offer a variety of waterproof leather and suede styles for all of your winter weather needs. Winter can be long, and no one wants to be stuck wearing the same shoes for months on end. At EMU Australia you have a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from, so you never have to sacrifice style for function again. We have classic colors like black, brown, gray and tan for everyday use, and bold colors like metallic and bubblegum pink for when you’re feeling festive.