Blurred Glossy

SKU #W12812

Blurred Glossy

SKU # W12812
EMU Australia's Blurred Glossy is made from premium water-resistant Australian sheepskin with a fun and on trend exposed sheepskin upper. It features waterproof rubber trim, hi-tech hiking-inspired features and its two tone rubber sole incorporates recycled rubber flakes and hi-tech EPR midsole for comfort with the famous serrated Sharky silhouette for support and traction.
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Australian Sheepskin

Woolmark Sheepskin


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  • Premium water-resistant Australian sheepskin with a glossy matt finish
  • Waterproof rubber band
  • Australian sheepskin lined footbed
  • Sheepskin breathes, and naturally ‘wicks away moisture’ leaving footwear odourless, and your feet perfectly warm in winter and cool summer
  • EMU lace loops with waterproof silicon lace ends
  • Waterproof metal badge
  • Rear pull tab for easy on/off enty
  • Two tone sole, rubber and hi-tech EPR forming midsole for comfort
  • Two tone rubber sole incorporating recycled rubber flakes
  • Unique durable rubber 'sharky' serrated outsole, for extra grip and style

Product Description

The Blurred Glossy can take on winter weather, but also looks good in the city with its trendy glossy matt finish and hi-tech features. As well as being water-resistant, the rubber trim at the bottom of the shoe is waterproof, providing protection from puddles and slush. The Australian sheepskin lining offers ultimate warmth and naturally wicks away moisture. The hiking style laces and EMU branded tape adds further detail to these fabulous boots. The rubber outsole features recycled rubber flakes and our statement 'Sharky' teeth that provide extra grip and are iconic to this collection.

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